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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

My first hair cut in over 10 years!

The last time I had my hair cut was when my eldest daughter (11 years) was 2 weeks old and I was 18!

Today I finally bit the bullet as it where and had it done.

So I have gone from hair that was to my bum to hair just below the shoulder. I think I was a bit of a novelty at the hairdressers as I was asked lots of questions about how I managed to wash/brush my hair and why I hadn't had it cut in over ten years (never got round to it).

I had to stand up for most of the cutting to save the poor stylist's back.

They even had trouble washing my hair as it filled the sink My head feels a lot light and I am really happy with my new managable cut. I even have a new found confidence because my hair looks nice (not like a bird's nest or matted dog hair, I was beginning to look like what you pull out of the bath plughole)

An added bonus, no more kittens swinging from my hair!


  1. Looks GRRR-8!!! Our mom had hair that long (before she had us) and got it cut REAL short and donated her hair to Locks of Love.

  2. I had no idea your hair was that long. Wow!!!! My hair won't grow very much at all being extremely fine. I am very envious. Haircut looks great. I'd call that long still though.

  3. Did you donate your hair! Looks good, but did the kittens really swing from it?

  4. Lola did, she was terrible for clawing up my back to get at my hair.

    I wasn't aware you could donate cut here. However I don't think the hair that was cut off would have been healthy enough. Lots of split ends and knots

  5. Wow! I donated to Locks of Love twice since I've heard about the program.
    My hair grows fast. :) They have
    certain rules for donating. One
    I remember well is they won't accept color treated hair. I think and it has to be a certain length? in good condition. It is hard to cut hair
    after so long! But it does grow back.
    good for you!


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