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Friday, 19 October 2012

Fun Photo Fun - Thomas O'Toole the Million Dollar Cat

Thomas O'Toole is a Million Dollar Cat.  Almost

Last Sunday Thomas did a resounding performance of a cat close to death's door. So convincing was this act that the services of an emegency out of hours vet was sort. £593.23 later Thomas made a miraculous, beyond the realms of medical science, jesus appearing on a piece of toast recovery. The vet was at a loss, firstly to explain what was wrong with him and secondly how he managed to recover from a cat they told me not to expect to come home.

At least he has the decency to look a little sheepish about it.

My contribution to Fun Photo Fun.


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  1. Really glad he is o.k. but so sorry about the expense and the trauma!!! I wonder what was wrong with him? Hope you are o.k.! Thanks for linking up! x


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