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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

New Beginnings

It is a time for new beginnings, to cast of the old and welcome in the shiny new.

As we leave spring behind and hopefully amble into a glorious summer, I thought I would share two families that have decided to call our house and garden home.

Mrs Blue Tit

First is Mr and Mrs Blue Tit, who decided to take up residence in a hole that used to house the overflow pipe for the upstairs toilet. Ana and Amy have enjoyed watching Mr and Mrs Tit's comings and goings and during the periods where they could actually stand still and quiet for longer then two seconds, they were able to hear the chicks calling in the nest.

Between them Mr and Mrs Tit raised two clutches of baby Tits. All of which have left the nest to start their new lives out in the big wide world. We're a little sad to see them go, early morning toilet visits now seem so quiet without the chittering of chicks.

Mrs Wood Pigeon

Next is Mr and Mrs Wood Pigeon, who have decided to build a nest in the small tree that grows in our back garden. Their nest is a recent discovery made by Ana. We didn't have pigeons nesting there in the previous two years, so we suspect that Mr and Mrs Wood Pigeon are first time parents.

Mrs Wood Pigeon is currently incubating her clutch of two eggs and will do so for the next 17 - 19 days. Mr Pigeon is a frequent visitor, bringing her food, offering company and the latest wood pigeon gossip to keep her morale up. Sitting in a tree all day must be terribly boring.

After hatching the chicks should fledge in 33 - 35 days.

Then starts the near impossible task of keeping the cats out of the garden.

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