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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Writing Workshop - Time

For this week's Writing Workshop, I decided to write a poem for the theme Time.

The inspiration behind this poem is the loss of my grandfather three years ago and the fact that, to me time is very much like a cat, in the way that is does as it pleases. This is the first piece I have written about personal experience as I usually write 'disconnected' fiction and fan fiction.

Enjoy and again any comments that can help me develop my writing are always gratefully received.


Time is a crying creature, crouching poised to fight
Sliding through the shadows and dancing in the light
Time is here to hunt us, trapped in her claws so tight

Time is a slender creature, stretching in a gentle sway
Stalking through the darkness and pacing out her prey
Suddenly silently, snatching precious ones away

Time is a cordial creature, kindly soothing tears
Warming up the memories and purring in your ears
Gliding through the twilight, chasing all your fears

Time is an aging creature, slowing in her gait
Greying at the corners and bidding us to wait
Reminding us so sweetly, we can't escape our fate


  1. I like this - a very clever comparison with cats... very you ;)

    Nice one Nicola :)

  2. I love this poem. I lost my dad several years ago and I can associate what you are saying about time being like a cat. I too love cats but that's a whole other story. The last line about being reminded of our fate is my favourite. Excellent, well done. x

  3. I really like it, you managed to capture time and the form of cat all at the same time. Great job x

  4. And the structure's so clever too.. three line stanza, repeating rhyme pattern - all very temporal!

  5. This is lovely, and the cat metaphor works so well.

  6. I love this it's so clever, I wish I could write like that! Well done!

  7. Oh the cat imagery works beautifully! What a clever metaphor!

  8. Cats rule huh! A beautiful, sensitive poem. Nice to meet you xx


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