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Friday, 15 October 2010

Fishy Friday

Octopi by Amy aged 4

Is it octopi, octopus, octopuses, octopodes or octopussies? The possibilities are endless.

Every so often, Amy comes back from Nursery with something that simply begs to be framed and put on the wall. The picture above is of a mummy and her baby octopus. The exact reasons as to why the octopuses are missing several limbs and floating in the sky escapes me. Something fishy is going on.

I must say I do love Mrs Octopus's serene expression. "I'm minus four limbs and a 'fish out of water' but hey, I'll just roll with it."

The plurals of octopus are octopuses, octopi and octopodes.


  1. And the sun's shining as well...


  2. Baby octopus seems to be wearing glasses and mummy is wearing a star - I love children's drawings :-)

  3. Oh that is such a fab drawing! I love the freedom of little children's pictures, anything goes and why not hey!

  4. Great picture. We also frame the 'masterpieces'!


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