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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Gallery - My Favourite Photos (and why)

This week's prompt over at Sticky Fingers is Favourite Photo. An almost impossible task and I am going to be especially cheeky during my first dip into The Gallery and show you two of my most favourite photos.

Taken 15th August 2009 during a trip to Beale Wildlife Park with my parents and the girls. It was a fantastic day and as usually I was there with my camera aimlessly taking out of focus shots of cage bars and odd bits of shrubbery. In short I sucked at taking pictures. The above photograph was a happy accident, but an accident that got me interested in photography as a hobby and spurred me on.

But the above has to be my all time favourite photograph, taken on 16th August 2010 and titled Fairy Princess. It is a black and white portrait of my youngest daughter Amy. A lovely day spent messing about in the sunshine with my camera and a very agreeable model. Who could ask for more?

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  1. Gosh those pictures are like chalk and cheese!

    Both are really great though. Love the slightly annoyed expression on the birds face.

    Amy is absolutely gorgeous! A really lovely picture!

  2. Beauty and the beast eh?
    Love them both, for very different reasons obviously!
    I had a theme a while back of 'ugly' and I found it impossible to find anything, because I see beauty in everything. Even a a bird with a face like that!

  3. Your daughter is adorable and the turkey, well he's really odd with that flap of skin hanging to one side of his nose. However it is a stunning shot. Nice to meet you:)

  4. That bird has its eye on you! Great photos! Your daughter makes a very good model!

  5. Brill photos, and your little girl is beautiful!

  6. The turkey photo is good, like you I do prefer the one of your gorgeous daughter which is a lovely photo :)

  7. That picture of your little girl is stunning - you have got the light just right. I need more practice!

  8. Is it terrible if I comment that the two pictures are kind of similar?

    Just the shapes and balance and things...I love both btw but Any is rather more beautiful than her feathered counterpart!

  9. Two great photos. I cheated too and put on 3 photos! Beale Park is great - it's not too far from us so we go quite often. Nipper especially loves the train.

  10. Fab photos, just gorgeous of your daughter :)

  11. A beautiful picture of your daughter and as for the turkey (is it a turkey?)- no comment! lol

    Mich x

  12. Gosh quite a contrast! The one of your daughter is totally stunning, she looks like a Flower Fairy. xx

    Judge Spud x


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