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Friday, 3 December 2010

The Brutal Honesty of Children

The picture of innocence. Yeah, right!

My youngest daughter Amy, who is four, was describing a picture she had recently drawn in her excitement at the run up to Christmas.

'These are the presents and kisses for you and daddy,' she pointed to an area of the picture, I oohed and ahhed suitably, then came the cruncher.

'Daddy's are the biggest because he's big and yours are the smallest because you're a bit smaller then daddy. *pause for dramatic effect* But you're still fat, aren't you?'

I love the fact that my daughter feels that she can be brutally honest with me at all times. At least she left the dark circles under my eyes out of the conversation this time!

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  1. Oh dear! Bless her little cotton socks. One day her turn will come and then you will be able to smile and I'm sure you're not fat - you don't sound fat;-)


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