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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Camera Critters - Red Kites

Red Kites in flight.

Camera Critters

The above pictures are part of the Camera Critters Meme


  1. How I would love to see some blue sky, for real :) Lovely photos. Jen (following you now)

  2. I love to take pictures of birds, but it is hard with my little camera to catch them in the viewer in time to click the shutter. Your blog name reminds me of the old commercial that actually used cowboys trying to herd cats over a hilly terrain. I can't remember what the product was, but always got a kick out of it. - Margy

  3. Cool sighting of the Red Kites. Great shots.

  4. Wow....as I love to go birdwatching this post was an extra special treat for me!!

    thanks for visiting me yesterday. hope your weekend is going well.

  5. It's lovely seeing someone else with Red Kites.

    We see very few other birds here as they dominate the sky and it's easy to forget how rare they are when there are 10 playing over the garden. It's only when i see cars stopped at the side of the road and people taking photos that i am reminded of how lucky we are!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. The red kites are such magnificent birds. I always get a thrill seeing them.

  7. Hi Visiting here for the CC and following your blog pls follow me here and
    Thanks a lot...


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