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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Twit on Tuesday

Saturday, I opened a loaf of sliced white bread and was disgusted, disgusted I tell you to discover a huge gaping hole right through the middle of the entire loaf. I had in actual fact unwittingly purchased a bag of bread crusts.

So, incandescent with rage at having to forgo my sardines on toast, I angrily tweeted Kingsmill demanding to know excatly what they were going to do about it.

Yesterday morning I received a reply from Kingmill asking me to e-mail them further details and they will start an investigation with immediate effect.

However, upon retrieving the loaf in question from the freezer for photographic evidence, turns out it's a Hovis loaf.

I won't say anything if you don't...

What daft things have you said or done whilst pregnant, or not?


  1. I can't even blame pregnancy. A few years ago I opened a bag of floour to find tiny little things moving in it - they are apparently called weavels and quite common. I was slightly upset by this bagged it up (not sure if I was expecting this tiny, less than a millimeter long weavels to jump out of the flour and morph into a huge snake or something) and marched to Sainsbury's thrust the bag on customer services counter, opened it and pointed at the weavels. the girl was equally upset by the look of them and ran off to get a manager, while asking me to try and remember when I bought it. At this point I calmed down a bit and by the time the manager arrived (a little too quickly to make an escape), I had realsied the flour was actually from Asda and therefore was probably quite old. I had to mutter an apology and say I had realised it was not a Sainsbury's product - the shame!!

  2. oh noooooo!!!! thats so funny! it sounds exactly like the type of thing I would do. in fact i have done so many things like this pregnant, not pregnant, pre baby and post baby that I could write a book! sadly my baby brain makes me forget them off the top of my head right now ha ha! seriously i have been poised with hand above the keyboard and cant think of one example!! doh!
    anyway, thanks for linking up x x

  3. ha ha! That is hilarious!
    I once worked in a bakery and they ran out of french sticks so went to Tesco, bought some and sold them as their own! Everyone commented on how nice the bread was. I was so tempted to tell them the truth.
    Thanks for linking up to Flashback Friday xx


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