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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Gallery - Embarrassing Outfits #thegallery

This week's theme on The Gallery is: Embarrassing Outfits.

Of course, I am far too clever and sophisticated to have ever worn anything remotely embarrassing. So I will have to share with you instead a picture of my husband being a prat with a black shirt and a piece of white card. More tea, Vicar?

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  1. ah he looks ready for a good fancy dress party! :)

  2. He dies look very convincing!

  3. He carries it well. A missed career opportunity I think!

  4. Haha, Brilliant! He actually does look like he would make a good vicar! Lol

  5. lol he's really getting into that part. x

  6. So funny! Love the look on his face too.

  7. Aha good post, I should have thought of getting a picture of someone else, as all the my pictures are in boxes in the barn… great picture!


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