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Friday, 17 February 2012

Photo Story Friday - Beauty in Decay

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Not a terribly exciting story to go with this picture.

I don't do flowers. I have enough trouble remembering to look after myself, let alone any kind of house plant. I operate a sort of 'death row' for vegitation. They come to my home with such hope and promise only to be cruelly denied their most basic of needs. The only time I really remember to water them is when they're already past the point of no return.

That where this dead Narcissus bloom was when I notcied it on the windowsill. I liked how the light filtered through the papery petals, giving them an almost see through qaulity. At least this flower can rest in the knowledge it died for art's sake.


  1. I love how delicate it looks. Very cool capture!

  2. I love the photo!

    And I can relate. I have the BEST intentions with plants. I have actually given up on house plants. We do not have even one.

    Outdoors our gardens end up relying on nature and my husband. I forget to water them.


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