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Friday, 1 June 2012

Freaky Friday - Sedlec Ossuary, Church of Bones

Sedlec Ossuary (church of bones) Czech Republic

At first glance the Sedlec Ossuary in the Kutna Hora suburbs of the Czech Republic looks like an other church.  Gothic architecture surrounded by a quaint if over crowded cemetery.  But looks can be deceiving.  All normality vanishes once you step inside.

Schwarzenberg Coat of Arms

Close up of the Coat of Arms

Human chandelier

Skull decorations

It is believed that the bones of between 40, 000 to 70,000 people adorn the walls and the ceiling of the church.

For more pictures and the history of the Ossuary please visit - Sedlec Ossuary


  1. Wow... That looks incredible! I am going to Prague next week, might try and seek it out :)

  2. There's a famous Chapel of Bones here but I've never seen coat of arms or chandeliers like these. Simply amazing!


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