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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Gallery

This week's theme for The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers is:  Family

I think this picture of Amy (left) and Ana (right) perfectly sums up my family for me.  It was taken at the end of a game of crazy golf.  Guess who won...

Amy (left) and Ana (right)
at Maidenhead Adventure Golf.

Yes that's right, Amy.

This major sulk started because daddy told her she couldn't shout down the golf holes. Apparently it's all to do with etticate. I would have let her shout down the holes until she was hoarse, but that's just me.

All I want to know is...

Who the fuck invited Where's Wally in the background?

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  1. Lol that made me laugh! Maybe you win a prize for spotting Wally?? Those strops are a drfinite part of family life aren't they?

  2. lol great picture and yes where did wally come from ;). Lovely family picture x

  3. Ha ha I recognise that stroppy pose!I may have done that same one myself at some point lol!
    Funny post and to have Wally in it too- bonus! X

  4. That's so funny! We have lots of pics like that from our childhood; it was *always* my sister having a strop!

  5. Haha great picture and such a funny post to accompany it! Thanks for making me laugh :)

  6. Brilliant. I'm so glad other people have these 'moments' too, it makes me seem normal lol

  7. Haha - love the where's wally in the picture and I am only too familiar with major strops from the 7yo!


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