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Thursday, 13 September 2012

See It Snap It Love It - Vintage

The theme for See it, snap it, love it this week is:  Vintage.
Not the picture I had planned to take.  In fact it was completely serendipitous.
I had planned to take some pictures of vintage Victorian and Edwardian reclaimed fireplaces stacked in a local reclaim yard.  However the husband had just purchased a new camera for himself and was itching to get out and take it for a spin.  Apparently reclaimed fireplaces don't float everyone's boat.  Who'd have thought it?
So I was dragged off, unwillingly, to take some nature photography.  Which for me involves a lot of standing around while the husband take a gazillion pictures of a butterfly or squirrel.  When we stumbled across a steam fair setting up.  Vintage vehicles galore.


  1. Gorgeous photograph and lovely to find a new blog to follow too :) xx

  2. Oooh, great photograph. Definitely very vintage. Although I also want to see reclaimed fireplaces too now!
    Thanks for linking up. X


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