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Friday, 31 August 2007

The Perils of Faceless Fred

Faceless Fred is Pugpoo my youngest daughter's favourite toy in the WHOLE world.

He is a cheap jointed figure from out of an airport playset that had long suffered at the hands of my eldest daughter and found it's way into the bin.

Only Faceless Fred survived (so call because his face rubbed off years ago) to surface again in a load of toys that had been banished to bath time play. This was where Pugpoo first laid eyes on Faceless Fred and it was love.

Wednesday, Faceless Fred went on his most dangerous and fear ridden adventure to date. While dancing on top of the fake (never used) 70's electric fire place Faceless Fred slipped and fell through the small gap at the top of the glass that houses the realistic plastic coal effect.

Cue the desperate screams for FED FED from Pugpoo as she pointed forlornly at Faceless Fred as he lay trapped behind the glass.

Daddy leapt into action and heaved the fireplace into his manly *cough* arms and turned it upside down while mummy coaxed Faceless Fred out with the handle of a wooden spoon.

Faceless Fred was soon reunited with a tear stained Pugpoo who calmly tossed him on the floor in favour for the wooden spoon.

Such are the whims of a 17 month old child.


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