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Friday, 11 June 2010

Dear Second Born,

Dear Second Born,

Unfortunately I was not blessed with eyeballs up my nostrils. So please, when you're excitedly showing me the sticker/toy/dead fly you have found, kindly refrain from jamming it up my nose.

I currently do not speak 'whingese' and Muzzy has yet to add it to their repertoire. Any requests made in a high pitched whiny tone will be ignored until you speak in a manner I can understand. Throwing yourself on the floor and or sliding off the furniture does not get your point across any better.

People come in many different shapes and sizes. The more rotund, myself included, dislike being referred to as, 'that FAT, LARGE or ROUND LIKE A BALL lady over there.' Also, enquiries as to why the lady in front of us at the supermarket has a big bottom are generally not well received.

It is lovely when you decide to enlighten me as to what you did at Nursery school that afternoon but please, please do not point kids out in the playground to lament about how they do not share or hit, push and or 'do your head in'. Especially when their parent or grandparent is present.

Sometimes it is just nicer not to say things.

Your ever loving mummy xxxx

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Writing Workshop - Time

For this week's Writing Workshop, I decided to write a poem for the theme Time.

The inspiration behind this poem is the loss of my grandfather three years ago and the fact that, to me time is very much like a cat, in the way that is does as it pleases. This is the first piece I have written about personal experience as I usually write 'disconnected' fiction and fan fiction.

Enjoy and again any comments that can help me develop my writing are always gratefully received.


Time is a crying creature, crouching poised to fight
Sliding through the shadows and dancing in the light
Time is here to hunt us, trapped in her claws so tight

Time is a slender creature, stretching in a gentle sway
Stalking through the darkness and pacing out her prey
Suddenly silently, snatching precious ones away

Time is a cordial creature, kindly soothing tears
Warming up the memories and purring in your ears
Gliding through the twilight, chasing all your fears

Time is an aging creature, slowing in her gait
Greying at the corners and bidding us to wait
Reminding us so sweetly, we can't escape our fate

Monday, 7 June 2010


Odd things you find in a home with small children.

The other main food group.

What is it with children and eating foam, seriously? Does it taste good? Is it the interesting texture or something subconscious to replace an element lacking in their diet? Who knows.

All I know is the foam eating stage of childhood is currently under going a revival in my home.

Someone and I have my suspicions who, has currently chomped their way through the handle of the toddler trampoline, the padding on the net supports of the large trampoline and the scooter handlebars.

Odd, very odd indeed.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Quite why...

Mr Lightyear is compelled to end it all and quite why he feels the only course of action available is to offer himself up as the dog's dinner, eludes me.

(odd things you find in a home with small children)

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

New Beginnings

It is a time for new beginnings, to cast of the old and welcome in the shiny new.

As we leave spring behind and hopefully amble into a glorious summer, I thought I would share two families that have decided to call our house and garden home.

Mrs Blue Tit

First is Mr and Mrs Blue Tit, who decided to take up residence in a hole that used to house the overflow pipe for the upstairs toilet. Ana and Amy have enjoyed watching Mr and Mrs Tit's comings and goings and during the periods where they could actually stand still and quiet for longer then two seconds, they were able to hear the chicks calling in the nest.

Between them Mr and Mrs Tit raised two clutches of baby Tits. All of which have left the nest to start their new lives out in the big wide world. We're a little sad to see them go, early morning toilet visits now seem so quiet without the chittering of chicks.

Mrs Wood Pigeon

Next is Mr and Mrs Wood Pigeon, who have decided to build a nest in the small tree that grows in our back garden. Their nest is a recent discovery made by Ana. We didn't have pigeons nesting there in the previous two years, so we suspect that Mr and Mrs Wood Pigeon are first time parents.

Mrs Wood Pigeon is currently incubating her clutch of two eggs and will do so for the next 17 - 19 days. Mr Pigeon is a frequent visitor, bringing her food, offering company and the latest wood pigeon gossip to keep her morale up. Sitting in a tree all day must be terribly boring.

After hatching the chicks should fledge in 33 - 35 days.

Then starts the near impossible task of keeping the cats out of the garden.


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