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Thursday, 29 October 2009

A Trip to Ray Mill Island

Here are some photos of our outing to Ray Mill Island in Maidenhead. The Island is situated just behind Boulter's Lock and is great for feeding ducks, picnics and visiting the birds and Guinea Pigs house in the island aviaries

Maiden and Swans

Cockatiels at the aviaries

Cockatiels at the aviaries

Ana, Amy and Daddy walking

The Companions - dedicated to four boys who lost their lives on a school skiing trip with Altwood CE School in April 1988

The Companions Plague

Boulter's Weir at the top of the island - Boulter means miller, there was a flour mill owned by the Ray familyon the island. The mill was constructed in 1726 on the site of a previous mill, and continued to produce flour until the 1920s.

Ana and Amy posing at Boulter's Weir. I was having kittens about them falling into the water at this point.

Canadian Goose on Ray Mill Stream

A male Mallard duck on Ray Mill Stream

A friendly stranger that came to say hello to us. Possibly a Burmese or Burmese cross

Amy being a pixie on a toadstool

The Vivienne Mary coming into Boulter's Lock

A poem set into the bank of the River Thames

It was a lovely sunny Autumn day and we really enjoyed ourselves. Close by is Also the Jubilee River which I thoroughly recommend for a beautiful walk!


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