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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Taphophile Tragics - Good

Taphophilia is a passion for and enjoyment of cemeteries. The singular term is a taphophile.

Angel monument of Hannah Good, died September 29th 1927 and William Ferguson Good, died December 27th 1934. All Saints Maidenhead Cemetery, All Saints Avenue, Maidenhead, Berkshire.

William Ferguson Good was born in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire Scotland in 1852 to John and Marion S Good, nee Ferguson. It seems that it was this particular family's tradition to give their son thier mother's maiden name as a middle name. In 1871 a 19 year old William appears on the Scottish Census as a tailor living at 28 West Shaw Street with his parents and siblings. By 1880 William had travelled to Leicestershire, where he met and married Hannah Croshaw Harris.

Hannah Croshaw Harris was born in Bagworth Leicestershire in 1845 to Joseph Croshaw Harris and his wife Elizabeth.

1881 sees William and Hannah making their move to the St Lukes area of Maidenhead where William is now a tailor and clothier employing one youth, Montague L Fouler. 1883 saw the birth of their only child, Maggie Good.

On 29th September 1927 Hannah passes away aged 79 years in Marylebone London. She was followed 7 years later by her husband William who died in Maidenhead aged 84.

What was Hannah doing in London at the time of her death and what became of their daughter Maggie?

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  1. The fact that the monument to Hannah is so distinctive implies someone regarded Hannah highly - maybe William. But the mystery of Hannah in London...seeking materials from traders to stock the shop in Maidenhead? Perhaps her journey is an innocent one...perhaps not! An interesting post!

  2. i think it also depends on the religion as to how big the stone etc is!

  3. Ripe old ages for that time period. I am always on the lookout for angels in cemeteries. They are few and far between in the area where I live. This one is a beauty.

  4. Yes, the angel is a beauty! And it is a duo with the cross, whereas over here they would be combined in a closer manner.

    I dont know what the Marylebone area is historically known for. However,at the age of 79 and with William being 77 I guess it could still be sourcing materials for their tailoring business. I guess there was nothing like an OAP to fall backupon in those days.

    I love how you do this each week, HC. Come up with little gems that allow us a peek into a previous world.

    How is the pregnancy going? How long to go?

  5. I really like this one. The angel is comforting somehow and it all looks great in black and white.

  6. Lovely angel. I'd love to see more detail of it.


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