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Monday, 14 July 2008

The garden is looking lovely

Well, we have been here in our new home for five months now and that roughly about how long it has taken us to get the gardens both front and rear sorted.

Today was the first day after what seems like weeks of rain I have finally been able to get out the front and cut the grass. Yes, I can say without a doubt the garden is looking lovely. That is not that I have managed to dig out all the weak and weedy plants we inherited from the previous tenants. Now it's time to put our stamp on the garden.

Amy true to form helped out with her little plastic lawnmower and her wheelbarrow, which was supposed to be used ferrying weeds and unwanted plants back and forth to the compost heap. Instead it spent it's time ferrying snails to an untimely death. Accompanied by the melodious squeals of 'Watch me squash the snail mummy!' *Crunch* Of course even that became boring after a while and I was left alone to scrape their sticky remains from the path with the yard broom.

But alas not all is well in the garden. Ana and Amy's sunflower seedlings have fallen foul of the gastropod mafia. All that remains are the little bamboo canes we used to support them, like an eerie flower graveyard. Some kind of vengeance for those killed on the garden path of doom?

Still we must be doing something right as we have received two compliments already.

We're hoping for a green fingered summer.

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