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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I had been so smug, up until now

Amy has been doing really well with this whole toilet training thing. We turned a point when I purchased a childs training seat for for our toilet at home.

Suddenly Amy didn't want to wear nappies anymore and started to use the toilet independantly. It had been several days ,two major trips away from the home and we hadn't experienced a single accident. Something I recounted to anyone who would listen.

Well, yesterday Amy called me up in to her bedroom and showed me with some sense of pride the foul smelling poo splattered all over her pink carpet.

I cleaned it up and was careful to tell Amy that although I wasn't angry I was dissapointed that she hadn't gone when she was on the toilet two minutes before and that she hadn't told me she needed to go.

'But mummy, ' came the reply, 'I blewed it out!'


  1. Ah yes. The unexpected triumph. We're in the middle of a similar campaign, a bit further along the same road = dry at night. We've tried just about everything with my older son but I'm running out of ideas.

  2. Awww, what a kyute story! Amy is a B~I~G girl learning to go on the potty! Our 3 year old sisfur has been potty-trained for about a year now. It was because all of her little friends at daycare wore "big girl panties" so she did too. She was really quick about it! Had to get them Dora panties!!! Good Luck Amy...YOU CAN DO IT!!!


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