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Friday, 28 August 2009

We've been to the library!

Until recently I had always avoided the library. I had been a few times during the course of my life, but thought it a dark, musky and above all a boring place.

Running out of ideas for what to do with the girls over the summer holidays today I decided it was about time that we all joined our local library. So off we went and 10 minutes later we were all proud owners of our very own library cards and a new perspective.

The library has changed much in those fleeting visits during my youth. Gone is the dark, musty boring atmosphere, replaced by play tables, small child friendly seats. Cuddly vibrant coloured animal cushions to sit on. Shelves made into rideable cars, trains and penguins.

Initially I was worried about taking the girls to a place where you're supposed to be quiet. As lets face it quiet is something that doesn't come naturally to my children, but they managed to impress me with their hushed whispered tones as well as their good behaviour.

We came away armed with some new bedtime reading materiel and a new found love for our local library!

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  1. That is GRRR-8 mews!!! Our mom likes going to the library, but has yet to take out little sisfur. She was actually thinking about taking her tomorrow for story-time. Thanx for reminding her!!! Hope you got lots of good nighty-night stories!!! Happy weekend!


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