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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

What A Load Of Rubbish!

Whilst many of you were gazing out of your windows in wonder at all the glistening snow, I am still gazing forlornly at two weeks worth of household rubbish and recycling that is still waiting to be collected.

You see last week I failed to get my rather ample bottom out of bed in time for the usual Monday morning collection. Never mind I thought, if I squash it down a bit I'm sure it'll be alright until next Monday.

So Sunday night I decided to put my bins out so as not to miss the collection again.

Only this particular Monday it decided to snow, but not just any snow, the worst snow for the last 18 years apparently. By mid-afternoon I had gathered that the refuse workers weren't going to collect the rubbish this Monday either. However listening to the weather reports for the next day I assumed that since the worst of the snow was now behind us, the rubbish would obviously be collected a day late and they would simply catch up like they do over the Christmas and Easter holidays.

It is now Wednesday and I guess it has finally dawned upon me and most of the street as well, that our rubbish isn't going to be collected any time this week. In the mean time I have been piling up bags of rubbish and recycling in the shed, which has now acquired the heady tang of soiled nappies and rotting veg. Pretty soon I won't be able to get in there!

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