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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Washing Woes

Yesterday it was exactly a year since we moved to this house and to mark that special occasion my washing machine died. Kaput, void of life, no longer of any use to anyone!

So we're now waiting for our reconditioned rental machine to turn up sometime on Friday. After the freezer deciding to pack in just after Christmas there are no spare pennies to purchase another washing machine. So at the moment renting is the only option as we cannot realistically do without a washing machine for any length of time.

Since the thought of dragging and very ill toddler up the laundrette to sit round for a couple of hours while I got through a few loads I have been washing essentials like Ana's uniform in the bath. Ana got into the spirit of things helping me wring the clothes out over the bath. She requested to know if 'this was what it was like in the olden days'

Yes Ana, back then everyone washed their clothes in the bath.

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