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Monday, 2 February 2009


We listened to the severe weather warnings last night, Russian snow was on it's way. But we thought nothing of it. By the time we went to bed at 10:00pm, there was nothing more then a sugar dusting and the odd flake blowing on the breeze.

This morning however was a different matter. We woke to find ourselves in an overnight winter wonderland as 4-5 inches had silently fell as we were tucked up warm in our beds.

Wintery scene from our front garden.

The annoucements came over the radio that all schools were closed, no local bus services and the chances of getting a train or taxi were pretty slim. So there we were at 8:00 in the morning bundled up and out in the snow.

The girls in a blizzard!

Ana in the snow.

Amy in the snow.

Shen was having a great time running about, rolling around, sliding and barking at the snow. After a while however he decided that the cold stuff wasn't all that and went inside to warm up by the radiators.

Shen having a good ol' roll in the stuff

Covered in the white stuff!

The girls then had fun making snow angles and throwing snowballs. Then Ana started on the construction of a snowperson

Ana making a snow angel

The snow angel

Ana and Amy making snowballs

The start of a snowperson

Then it was time to come in and warm up with some 'Hot' Chocolate. Yummy!

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