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Friday, 31 July 2009

A Trip To The Vet

Today was the day. Lola finally hit that magic 2kg mark, so I booked both her and Charlie in for their spay and neuter at the vets.

I was instructed not the feed them after 8pm the night before and remove the water in the morning. Of course having practically been starved all night Charlie and Lola were climbing the wall come morning.

I dropped them off at the vets at 8:30am with all the relevent paperwork. I then returned home and flung myself into the gardening to take my mind off things. The call to pick them up came at 2:45pm.

Charlie howled all the way home and then spend the first five minutes at home wandering around the house periodically crying. Lola was very unsteady on her feet so I put her in my bedroom to sleep off the anaesthetic and grab some peace and quiet. She chose to sleep under our bed, but upon checking on her several minutes later she looked at me and a swear I could read her mind. She was thinking, 'you utter cow! Look what you've done to me!'

I am actually surprised they have recovered so well. They were both flying around the house after a few hours as if nothing had happened. Charlie keeps crying at me, I think he's trying to say. 'Mum, I seem to be missing two very important parts of my anatomy!'

They have their post op check up on Monday and all being well they can go back outside after that. What's the betting it'll rain from Monday onwards!


  1. Hi! Couldn't find any better way to get in touch -- I was wanting to comment on your Pet Relations (I think is the name; I'm fogging on it now if that's not it, whatever your pet blog is) blog, but there's a problem with the comment box -- there's not enough room below it for the full verification word and fill-in box to show up, so I can't do the verification. So I can't leave a comment without that. I tried on a couple different posts, same problem.

    I presume other visitors may be having the same problem, and without an email address, it can't be reported to you. I'll try again from work tomorrow if I get a chance, to make sure it's not just a browser problem at home. But it may be a blog design issue?

    But in any event, I'm glad that Lola and Charlie's surgery went fine! :) And thanks for visiting our bloggie today!

    The Mommy of The Kitty Krew

  2. Hi again - FYI, the comment and verification box doesn't work for me at work either, so it seems like maybe there's a problem with the blog design? Not sure, don't know enough about that stuff to know how it works! All I know is that when I hit "enter/submit" after I type in the comment, it then tries to come up with the verification word, but the word cuts off in half and doesn't show the box below it to type in the verification word and there's no way to scroll down to it, so I can't verify and can't finish submitting the comment.

    I'd have to guess it's not just me...if you're leaving comments on other kitty blogs, they're surely visiting you in return too and trying to comment! Hope it can get fixed.


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