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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Vinnie got the job!

Vinnie was made redundant from his job 2 weeks ago and things where getting very tight, not to mention Vinnie was feeling dejected and rather depressed.

Anyway he applied for a job as an assistant manager with Clarks Shoes for one of their huge stores. A step down from manager, but he didn't have the experience in people management (his store was much smaller and he only had 5 staff, this store is over 3 floors and has 56 staff) or in that particular field of sales that they were looking for in the job.

However he must have made a big impression as they said they were very interested in him joining the company, but not for the job he'd applied for.

They said that they would look around the company and see if there was a position better suited for him in one of their other stores and they would let him know Friday.

Friday came and went without a word and Vinnie thought that they didn't have anything for him. However they phoned back Saturday morning and offered him the job he had originally applied for.Its £2000 more a year then he was on at his previous job so we're understandably over the moon. He starts this Thursday and I simply cannot wait, 2 weeks of 24/7 with Vinnie is enough for anybody!

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