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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Alphabe Thrusday - W is for Water

This marble memorial was originally erected in 1908 in memory of local benefactor Ada Lewis, and was used as a drinking trough for working horses. In late 2010 the memorial was relocated for a second time and converted into a decorative fountain.

Ada Lewis was born Ada Hannah Davis on 26th June 1844 in Liverpool.  She married Samuel Lewis in Dublin on the 12th August 1867.  Samuel, born in Birmingham was a salesman for steel pens, he opened a jewellers shop before becoming a money lender to the aristocracy.

The 1881 Census shows Ada and Samuel living at 20 Grosvenor Square, St George, London where Samuel is listed as being a Bill Broker.  A step up from wholesale jeweller in 1871.

Upon Samuel's death in January 1901 Ada became the wealthiest widow in England.  She became a benefactor to many charities, she even offered affordable homes to rent for the working classes in London, Hove and Maidenhead.

In 1904 at the age of 60, Ada married William James Montague Hill, a Guards Officer less then half her age.  She adopted the surname Lewis-Hill.  Ada passed away on 13th October 1906 in London.  In her will she expressed her wish to be buried along side Samuel.  They now lay side by side in Golders Green Jewish Cemetery.

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  1. I love a bit of history and an insight to live gone by. I have really enjoyed researching my family history and would dearly love to pick it up again

  2. Very nice fountain and great tribute to Ada Lewis!
    Thanks for sharing. And thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment;o)

    Have a great day****

  3. What a cool memorial to her.


  4. Nothing about your post is watered down♫♪ Nice job!

  5. Love those kind of fountains! And ...water for W...so easy, I miss the most obvious words for alphabe!!

  6. A lovely memorial to Ada Lewis! Your photos are excellent. Great "W" post!!

  7. A nice glimpse at history! Love the shots...

  8. very interesting! She lived only 2 years after marrying her second husband and at a rather young age.

  9. Philanthropists played such an important part in English history. It's always interesting to hear about one :)


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