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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Jessica's Week - Six Weeks Old

Yesterday Jessica turned six weeks old.  She's has started being a bit more awake and alert.  She now weighs 9lb, up in 7lb 13oz around three weeks ago.  So all that eating and sleeping is doing some good.

She got to meet our GP for thr first time at her six week check.  I am happy to report that she has been deemed 'perfectly normal' despite my concerns about her head.  We have Synistosis in the family, a condition where certain skull sutures fused whilst in the womb.  My brother was affected with Unicoronal Synistosis and had to undergo major plastic surgery at the age of two.  Without the surgery his prognosis wouldn't have been good.

The doctor has assured me that Jessica is not a FLK or 'Funny Looking Kid'.  However he suggested a take weekly phtographs of the top of her head to compare, hopefully enabling us to spot any issues early.

So for now I can get back to simply enjoying my baby.


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