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Saturday, 20 October 2007

At long last!

I have to tell you all my news it makes me happy and angry at the same time.

I received a letter this morning it goes as follows.

Please note that the letter is copied exactly including all spelling and grammatical errors

"Dear Mr and Mrs K *okay so according to the NHS my husband took my name when we got married*

Re Ana

As you know, I attended a meeting about Ana At H M School on the 12th September. *No, I didn't know as both yourself and the school completely failed to notify me that such a meeting was taking place Had I been notified I could have prepared a list of concerns for Ana's specialist to discuss with you, namely the self harming issue we have been asking you to contact us regarding for the past 6 bloody months!*

We have though about her difficulties and wondered if she may have a condition known as autism spectrum disorder. *Why you bunch of wank faced turds, so you have just sat round and suddenly thought about it have you? So the last 7 years of me telling you she has ASD and begging for an appointment you have just thought about this now? So all those times I mentioned ASD and you looked at me with the kind of expression you give and escaped mental patient as you tell me it's highly unlikely have been forgotten have they?* For us to be able to make the diagnosis, it is important that we consult with professionals in school to look at how a child is functioning within shcool, but equally important is to hear you perspective about how Ana functions with you and your family.

To do this, I would like to invite you to see me so that I can conduct and interview with you known as the 3di: dimensional, developmental and diagnostic interview. I can see you next week the 23rd October at 1500hrs."

So there we have it, not only do the NHS employ people that do not proof read their letters they have finally come to their senses and agreed to assess Ana for ASD. After 7 long years of begging!

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