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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Men! *rolls eyes*

Women know their children intimately. They know their hopes and dreams, their worries and inner most fears. Men are vaguely aware of little people living in the house. No truer statement has ever been said.

Yesterday I managed to put my back out continuing my run of luck during 'one of those days.' It all started early in the morning, with the lashing rain and steadily gained momentum when our entire bathroom blocked up, the sink, bath and even the toilet. Much to my surprise when I phoned our housing association I was told that the drains men were in our area and would be straight round.

Of course in they came, failing to wipe their feet and as usual Pugpoo was determined to be in the thick of things. With two burly men in our shoebox sized bathroom there was hardly enough room for an exuberant toddler so I attempted to remove her from the situation. As soon as I picked her up Pugpoo threw one of her 'I'm going to go as stiff as a board fits' and I threw my back out trying not to drop her.

But my luck was in because my dear husband had the day off work. Visions of myself laying on the sofa stuffing chocolate and sipping hot coffee while hubby was run ragged by the Pugpooey one quickly danced through my head. But, alas it was not to be.

Apparently looking after you child while your wife is crippled with agonising pain does not constitute a day off work.

So while my darling husband sat on his arse playing on his PSP I struggled on with the housework and looking after a whirling dervish on speed. Every so often he would look up and in a disapproving tone he would tell me to, 'sit down and rest, leave the housework for today.'

You know, your right! Why not leave the housework for today so that there's twice as much for me to do tomorrow? Because you're sure as hell not going to do it! Let's face it here, if I didn't do the washing up, bad back or not, we would quickly run out of clean cups and plates.

Now you wouldn't know it, but apparently child rearing can also be done from the comfort of the sofa, without even the need to look up from your PSP game. Even if your child hurts them self there is no need to rush to there aid, just shout to them to 'Come 'ere!'

Can you believe, I even had the audacity to ask him to feed his daughter a yogurt while he was in the middle of a game? How could I have possibly been so insensitive to his needs? God I'm a bitch!

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