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Monday, 26 November 2007


Ana has such an unblemised innocence that she really does come out with some gems. I thought I was doing an injustice by keeping them to myself. So here are the ones I remember . Enjoy!

In town talking to Ana about what we had to do that morning.

Me: First we have to go to the Post Office, then the bank and then Iceland.
Ana: How are we getting there, by bus or train?
Me: Iceland the shop, not the country.

Ana's school are doing food from around the world for school dinners, last week was food from Asia and they were having Indian Curry.

Me: Are you looking forward to your Indian dinner at school?
*Ana starts making a whooping noise like a native american*
Me: Not that kind of Indian, people from India.
Ana: Will there be any cowboys there?

Whilst passing a rope swing some local kids had made in a tree with a loop at the end about 3 inches off the floor.

Ana: *gasp* Someone was hanged here!

While walking through a local graveyard Ana trod on a twig that snapped

Ana: *gasp* I just trod on a BONE!

I was talking to Ana about ages as her next birthday is the big 1 0 I told her that 10 is double figures and when she gets to 13 she will be a teenager until she is 20 and then she will be an adult.

'What will I be when I am 100?' asks Ana
'Really, really old.' I say. 'Anyway most people don't live to a hundred.'
She looked at me and said. 'Are you going to try?'

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