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Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Why are there never enough toys to go around?

Why are there never enough toys to go around?

Do toy manufactorers do it on purpose? Do they snigger with glee imagining harassed stressed out parents clearly clinging to the edge of sanity rushing about trying to sorce the in thing toy?

Why can't they simply make enough to go around when they can predict that such and such will be the hotest toy this Christams?


Ana's latest obsession is Transformers and that is what 99.9% of her Christmas wish list consists of. Now I have not left things to the last minute as I have been looking for these bloody hunks of crappy last all of five minutes pieces of plastic since the end of September.

As sod's law dictates all the of ones Ana has asked for are out of bloody stock everywhere. Including online! I have clicked enough 'e-mail me when this product is in stock' buttons to make your head spin.

But wait? What's this? Praise the lord! Transformers in stock at my local Argos? Can this be true? Are they toying with me? QUICK! Click reserve, click it, click it damn you frozen fingers! *holds reservation number aloft and cackles in a slightly unhinged manner*

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