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Friday, 23 January 2009

Damn Van Man!

This morning in the rain myself and Amy were walking into town to buy Ana's birthday cake and presents for Monday. Being Friday it was the last chance I had to do it without Ana around.

On the way in we had to walk past a section of the road that was covered in a huge puddle, all the motorists were either avoiding the puddle or slowing down, except one.

A bloke in a van bombed it through the puddle drenching both myself and Amy in freezing water. Everything was soaked including Amy's change bag containing a change of clothes and two nappies (all soaked through). He must have been able to see that I was walking down the street holding a small child's hand and I honestly wonder if he cared. All of the other motorists on the road where considerate, why couldn't he have been also?

To add insult to injury it was a maintenance team van from our housing association.

A while later a car pulled up and the man asked if I was the lady that had been soaked by the van. When I confirmed I was he told me he had taken down the registration number and reported him to the housing association. I hope he got a damn good ticking off.

I have to confess though that I lost control at the point of puddle water impacted and yelled out WANKER! To which a little voice beside me echoed 'wanker', oops!

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