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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

The Izzy Soundtrack

Available in shops now!

Joking a side I have finally managed to record some of the things Izzy says when she's having a good old chunter to herself (sadly no coughing). Being camaera shy and claming up when ever I tried to film her the only way I could get anything was to hide round the corner and film the floor. So unfortunately all you get to look at is my rather interesting floor and a shoe.

Izzy says on the video:

Shut up! Hello? What you do? Im a chicken. Ring ring. Hello? 3,2,1. Ring ring. Hello? What? All right then. Bye! (sound of end call button being pressed) Ring ring. Hello? Its you. What you doing sweetie? The high pitched noise that drives Vinnie bonkers. Ring ring. Hello? Its you. Yeah. AMY! (something I cant catch). Im a chicken. (something, something then) Amy. Ring ring. Hello? Hmm. Ooh **** you! What you doing chicken? Ring ring. Hello? Hmm. (something I cant catch). Hello chicken. Ring ring. AMY what you doing? What you doing?. Amys scream Smelly dog! What you got?

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