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Monday, 26 January 2009

Hama Time!

This afternoon after school we broke out the Hama Beads. Now these have always been banned from my house to the point I actually threw away a small set that was given to Ana a few Christmases ago. Somehow the idea of thousands of little plastic beads clogging up my hoover and choking my toddler didn't fill me with joy.

So imagine my forced smile of gratitude when Ana ripped the wrapping from her birthday present to reveal a box of 7500 of the bligthers. How bad can it be? I suppose under strict supervision a place for the Hama Bead can be found in our home and in our hearts. So that's just what we did. I watched hawk like as the girls made their bead pictures.

Ana decided to start with a rabbit.

Amy decided on a butterfly.

Amy started off well, but got bored one minute into the build so mummy finished it.

The finished pieces.

So have I changed my mind about Hama Beads? Perhaps, but for now the box is staying hidden from little fingers.

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