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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Roll up, roll up. Place your bets!

As to which major appliance will cock up next.

Just two days into the new year and my freezer decides to pack in.

Yesterday Vinnie went to Comet and ordered the cheapest one available, but even then it's £225 we can't really afford and on top of that he had to pay £20 for delivery sometime between 8 - 6 Wednesday.

Of course in true Sod's Law fashion the day before I had done a massive Iceland shop. So three days of trying to keep frozen food as cold as possible. Thankfully it has been so cold lately that nothing has defrosted.

So place you bets, what will be the next thing to need replacing.

The cooker
The washing machine
The fridge
The tumble drier (although I hardly use it as it is)
or God forbid, the TV!

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