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Monday, 19 January 2009

Those Naughty House Goblins

Last night it seems that I was visited by the house goblins.

I went to bed, leaving Vinnie up watching something insanely boring on the TV.

Everything was as it should be, neat, clean and tidy. Yet this morning when I got up it was not so.

In the night those blasted goblins had been at work. They must have been peckish as they decided to make themselves toast with cream cheese, some sliced pickled beetroot and have a large glass of milk to wash it all down. They had left the bread on the side unwrapped so that it had gone stale, the knife used to spread the creme cheese was just tossed haphazardly onto the work surface leaving little cheesy smear marks. They hadn't replaced the lid on the now empty (except for the vinegar) beetroot jar let alone washed it out or put it in the recycle bin.

The plate and glass where left on the dining table, unwashed. They hadn't taken the rubbish out after them or even bothered to switch the toaster off at the socket when finished.

Obviously full after their feast they then decided to have a bath.

Wet towels where left in a crumpled heap on the floor. They had removed and not replaced every cap to every bottle in the bathroom. There was shaving foam dripped everywhere and they had failed to wash the scum out of the bath after them. They had even drawn in the condensation on the windows!

Worst of all they had used the last of the toilet roll and left the cardboard tube on the side to mock me.

I have yet to catch these goblins in the act, the clever beasties even locked the back door after them. No doubt cackling to themselves as they went on to the next unsuspecting household.

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